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    How can I save or export my Draw files as .ai on another device without using Illustrator?

    danielaenriquez Level 1

      I know this question sounds weird but hear me out:

      For some reason Adobe says the email address I use for my account is from Georgia when really I'm from Mexico, so I haven't been able to buy Illustrator since my credit card is from Mexico but my account says I'm from the US. So after talking to a lot of Adobe staff members, they told me I can't ever buy Illustrator/Photoshop etc from that account, but i've been working on all my illustrations on Adobe Draw with that email address and I need to save them as .AI to be able to work on them on Illustrator once I open another Adobe ID with the correct mexican address and buy all the software.


      Right now i've only been able to save them as .JPEG and .PSD, but I really need them to be saved as .AI somewhere, anywhere, but I can't seem to find that option anywhere. I hope someone can help me since I'm stuck and I can't do anything for fear that i'm not going to be able to access all my work again.


      Thank you for your help!