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    Need help for this query


      I have started a mobile back cover business online on ecommerce websites like amazon and others.So,In this business i have listed a wide range of designs for different mobile models.The way a particular design for a particular mobile model shown to customer online is referred to as mobile mockup.I have learnt on youtube that how you create mobile back cover mockup for some design in photoshop. But as my nature of business is such that lots of designs have to be put on lots of models for example 500 image design for 200 mobile models (200 models x 500 images).I want to know that if photoshop has a feature so that i can put a single design on all 200 models in one go and i do not have to make mockup of image for each mobile model manually.If photoshop doesn't have this feature then please tell me other way how i can do this?Is there any software for this?If i do this for each model manually then it would be a never ending process.So,please suggest me how i can achieve this.Sorry for my poor english,if you have doubts anywhere then please ask me.I have heard of some software which do this job,in this software you just have to put all the back cover templates inside the software on which you want the image but i found it expensive for it worth and want to search for a cheaper alternative available if possible.