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    Image Inconsistency


      I use LR CC (on Windows 10) fairly regularly, mostly for time lapse photography.  But as of today, I'm having a problem that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.


      I have edited an image (RAW) but when exported (burned as full size JPEG) the image does not contain all of the edits, it is of poorer quality and there seems to be weird static-like wavy lines.  Having burned thousands of full size JPEGs from LR over many years, I have never experienced a noticeable difference in the exported image than what is final in the Develop module.


      Another new thing that seems to have appeared today is that the image in the Library module changes to a different and poorer quality image.  While this is annoying, I can live with it and only mention it as it could be related to my export issue.


      Here is what the image looks like in the Develop module:



      This is what it looks like in the Library module:



      But more importantly, this is what it looks like after exporting as full size JPEG:

      IMG_0052 (Large).jpg

      Note the weird static-like wavy lines which are definitely not present in the Developed image.  Also, not as clear as the image in the Develop module.


      Here are my export settings - (again I haven't ever changed these and exports have previously been fine):


      I have updated LR CC to the newest version, restarted my computer and still getting the same poor exported image.

      Apologies for starting a new thread but I can't see any relevant help in previous threads.  Can anyone fix this?


      Thanks,  David.