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    Regular BSOD when working with the new titler

    hshdgsfgsf Level 1

      I just upgraded my computer to an i7 7820x to speed up editing and upgraded to the latest version of Premiere Pro.

      Upon opening it for the first time, when the Adobe intro video starts, I get a BSOD right away with a general "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" and the computer restarts.
      When opening a project, everything seems to be working fine, except the tiltler: every single time I adjust the properties of a title (shadow, transparency, size, etc) I get a blue screen of death.

      I tried everything: clean re-installation of windows, different drivers, older versions of GPU drivers. The computer always crashes on adjusting titles.

      I also tried gaming like crazy (to put the system under intense stress) and everything works fine, so I think it's not a computer issue but a problem with Premiere Pro.

      Now I'm stuck and I cannot proceed with my work.


      My configuration is as follows:

      Intel i7 7820x

      Gigabyte X299 UD4

      32Gb ram

      1Tb M.2 SSD

      Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

      Latest version of Premiere Pro as of 13 august 2017