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    Slide Show


      Have Elements 5 and it did an excellent job for making a slide show adding text/ comments on the slide itself.  Now that I have LL6 it seems that can not be done.  If it can how do you do it - also see no place to add text in Develop.  Can I take a collection in LL6 back into Elements to add text to individual photos/slides to finish the slide show presintation.


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          You certainly can add text & comments to slides in the LR slideshow module, however it is somewhat limited.


          1. Click on ABC,  and you will add a text box.  The box can be dragged to any location and re-sized with the corner 'handles'.


          2. The text box, when selected (click on the box location or words to select), can be filled with data chosen from the menu-


          3. You can add multiple text boxes. My screen-clip has - Filename, Date, Title, & Caption.

          4. The 'Data' comes from the Metadata of each image. You need to have added this metadata in the Library Grid view. Eg. a Title, a Caption. The Caption field is perhaps the best for longer lines of text.

          5. The [Custom Text] option allows you to enter anything in the field below the window, but Custom Text will appear the same on every slide. So you might use it for a Slide-show name.

          6. You can also add a Watermark (of your design). The Watermark can only be placed on the image, not the 'borders'.


          7. If you want fancy or 'freehand' text on the image (other than watermark) then you would need to edit an image in Photoshop or Elements (with a text layer) and use this edited image in the slideshow.