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    Muse Error CRCs

    Jose Felix Cano Montoya Level 1

      Hi all


      Nearly a month looking for help to Error CRCs.  Since I up dated to Muse 2017, I can not up dated my web !!!  Any help, idea ???  plesasse


      I attach an screenshot   Regards

      ERROR MUSE .jpg

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          Muse is getting kicked by your host server... I assume the codes used (a blog or google tracking on wordpress host) isn't set for their system


          to fix this we would need a copy of the .muse file and know who the host server is but you may just want to load an older version of Muse to work around the issue


          Screenshot (1297).png

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            Jose Felix Cano Montoya Level 1



            Many thanks for your reply.



            1 - How can I send you a copy of the muse file ??


            2 - I have loaded a Muse previous version 82015) but once I want to open a file, Muse indicates the file can not  be opened because it needs a Muse up dated  version  !!!!  Now I have reloaded the latest version, but I keep having same problem


            I attach a screemshot . Awaiting your help, best regards and many thanks


            Muse Jose Felix Cano.jpg