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    Updating Photoshop Lightroom Manually


      Hello all, first time poster here. I have a question as to how I would go about updating the retail (standalone) version of Lightroom 6 to the most recent update 6.12.


      I've gotten as far as to going to the "Keep Lightroom up to date" page, and I've downloaded the necessary zip file for beginning the process of the update, but that's where I seem to get lost. The 2 files included in the zip are "payloads" and "AdobePatchInstaller". The Adobe Patch Installer seems to not work, seeing that whenever I double click it, my PC starts the process then immediately ends it. And as for the issues I've read with antivirus on PC's, I don't run an antivirus at the moment, so I don't think that's what's causing me to get hung up on this issue.


      So, my question is - where would I go at that point, and am I possibly doing something wrong? I've currently completely uninstalled Lightroom, and I'm going to start fresh and try again, but any & all help will greatly be appreciated!