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    Lightroom Mobile - Lightroom....Offiline Sync


      I'm looking to purchase an iPad Pro and Pencil to do most of my lightroom editing on however i'd like clarification on the process of syncing photos to my laptop.


      - If I upload some photos to the iPad via the lightning SD adapter and then edit them, is the only way to get those photos and edits to my Macbook via the CC?  I work on a ship most of the time so I don't have the luxury of unlimited and fast internet.


      - Is there a way to sync the iPad locally with my Macbook so that I don't have to go via CC?


      - If I do go via CC, does the original RAW file and all edits also sync to the laptop?  or do i also have to import the photos to my laptop and then lightroom will pair the imported RAW files with the relevant edits and apply them?


      Ultimately my main query is.......how can I use my laptop and iPad for photo editing without a good internet connection?