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    Recording keyboard triggers - Bug or Limitation?

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      here is my problem:

      Latched triggers are easy to implement and to fine tune:

      just hit the button, press record, stop recording, fine tune, finished


      Simple keyboard triggers (that might include a cycle with a pause layer) are a pain:

      If I scrub through the timeline to find the exact point (so I can align another recording with it), every time I pass the point the key is registered and the action carried out.

      So let us say, I use "Z" to start a cycle of 10 layers. That cycle is made to pause at layer 5 until "Z" is hit again. So my recording contains to calls for "Z" at a particular instance

      I can record this fine. Now let us say I want to align something that happens right after the first "Z" when the cycle pauses - something I trigger with a latched key "Y". Because during the actual recording my timing will be off, I will want to fine tune it after the recording.

      So I want to go to the first instance of "Z". But this is difficult to see, since we get a green bar not a bar with a keyframes indicating where exactly in the timeline I hit "Z"

      Now when I scrub back and forth through the timeline I will trigger "Z" everytime I get to the point, meaning I cause the action (finishing the cycle) which would normally happen at the second instance of "Z". So I have to reset the scene, go to the beginning of the recording and go at it again.


      I understand that CH does not record keyframes but performances, but if we had an actual visual aid of where exactly in the time line a key is hit, it would be way easier to align the recordings as desired.


      Is there a way around this or should I file this under feature request?

      Is it a bug?

      Or is it a limitation due to the concept of performance in CH not resolvable?