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    Win 7 Photoshop with shortcut-keypad on iOS

    supar_nollie Level 1

      Hello everybody


      My setup today is a win 7 laptop hooked up to a Huion Drawing Monitor GT-191. This monitor is without express-keys so right now i use the keyboard on the laptop for shortcuts. This is not ideal. I have looked at Wacom Express Remote and think it is expensive so that is not an option. There was a app a couple of years ago that was called "Adobe Nav" (i think) on iOS that could be some form of touch-keypad with customizable shortcuts. It doesent seem to excist anymore.

      I dont use many shortcuts in the workflow i have today so i dont need the complete keyboard and the whole laptop close to my hand.


      Any ideas on how i can have a small keypad close instead of a whole laptop?

      I have iPhone and iPad Pro 12,9".

      Any good "shortcut-apps" that could be used for this purpose? Or other tips for ergonomy reasons?