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    Corrupted file after pc crash




      lately i been seeing this problem many times so i want to ask you about it,

      when i'm working on Photoshop and the pc crashs due to a hardware or an electric problems,

      i lost even my saved projects (psd files) that are open during the crush.


      Does any one have ideas about this problem?

      Maybe, how to recover those files, or how to avoid this file corruption?




      Thank you

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          master mo Adobe Community Professional



          Photoshop is extremely stable in my experience.


          1. If you are having regular hardware problems, consider addressing that because it will affect any application you have open and it points to a potentially more serious problem like faulty RAM or a failing hard drive.
          2. If you have a poor electricity source, consider a UPS system. This will protect your PC as well.
          3. To try and accommodate for sudden crashes inside Photoshop, consider taking the autosave time to 5 minutes
          4. To do this in Windows choose Edit Menu > Preferences > Automatically save recovery information every: 5 minutes.
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