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    Dialog Boxes Too Big for Screen

    Piksel Dee Level 1

      I am using Creative Cloud products on my Surface 2 pro and when I open certain dialog boxes they are too big and I cannot see all the options and cannot access the OK, save and cancel buttons. 


      In particular:  In Adobe Acrobat when cropping an image I cannot see the OK button and the bottom of the crop dialogue box.  Rotating the surface makes no difference because the buttons at the bottom of the dialog box are off the screen to the right.  I have tried zooming but that only seems to change the size of the text and not the actual dialog box.  It would help if I was able to move the dialog box to the left but I am not able to do that. 


      Given that a lot of web content is now responsive to screen scaling I would have expected Adobe products to be capable of scaling a dialog box to fit a variety of screen sizes.