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    Target tnt variable in analytics android sdk

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      I have a requirement to pass the test and target campaign & recipe id and type data into analytics similar to we do using TNT Integration Plugin. is it possible to get this data available in the android analytics SDK and pass to adobe analytics?





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          While researching further, noticed that Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target (A4T) feature will make available the Target test data(Test Campaign Name, Recipe etc) available in Adobe Analytics. So we do not need any separate code or integration similar to  TNT Integration Plugin for apps, as this data is already available in Adobe Analytics.


          A4T adobe link




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            Per my analysis, following is one suggestion to track the legacy tnt id for mobile apps.


            Approach is to have the tntId passed from the Adobe server side part of the mobile app content offer for each Target test. Mobile App Target uses JSON format content as part of the offers. HTML markup is not used by mobile app. So we will need to add a new field as part of the offer to have the tnt id passed. Special adobe server side instructions can be used to populate the tntid value. Please find below a screenshot with a sample offer I have created during my testing with the tntId. This action to be completed by the Target team for each of the Activity/Test created.


            A similar approach is used for the website analytics tracking using the TNT Integration JavaScript Plugin.


            Following are the special variables and special formats that can be used to populate tnt id into Target Activity content offers. These are adobe specific variables that would be automatically replaced with the specific campaign values when offer is sent to mobile app.





            When fetching the response from Target, mobile application will need to parse this JSON response and fetch the tntid. Then further set the analytics data layer variable to pass this information into analytics. This part of capturing tntid from offer should be completed by the mobile app development team.


            Also i do notice a SDK internal method named Target.getPcID()& TargetWorker.getTntId, which internally gets the TNT id when looked at the source code of the library.  But that never worked for me during my testing and debugging.
            Appreciate any suggestions on capturing tnt id value in mobile app analytics other than the approach I have mentioned above.