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    Smartphones are Killing Off the Camera Manufacturers?

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      Do people try to engage you in those conversations that, “Mobile phones are going to drive Canon, Nikon, and Sony into bankruptcy.”?


      Is it possible that the opposite is true? Are phone cameras, with all their limitations, helping the “big 3” sell more cameras, overall?


      Digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR) camera and lens revenues are looking very good for Nikon. But, why are their imaging equipment sales trending downward?


      The most recent quarterly report from Nikon shows their dSLR camera sales up 10% with a 50% increase in lens sales.  The downward trend is in those little point and shoot cameras. So, yes, the smartphones have invaded some portion of the camera manufacturing marketplace. But, if dSLR sales are trending upward, there’s an apparent renewed interest in great photography. The fact that just about all of the dSLRs are also allowing users to shoot great feature film quality motion pictures may have something to do with that, too.


      This becomes a new business model focus (pun intended) for the big 3. Historically, point and shoot camera sales drove the profit picture for those companies. It was the financial fuel which funded the professional grade gear’s research, development, and manufacturing.


      If mom and dad were bothered by how lousy the photos of kindergarten graduation turned out in June, from their not-so-smart phone, they have hopefully found a few hundred dollars for a dSLR before the first day of 1st grade. With dSLR sales on the rise, many families may be getting the message that important personal events don’t allow you to playback the footage and announce, “That’s a wrap for the day—let’s reset and we’ll do another take tomorrow at 7:30 AM.”