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    TWAIN Plugin For Scanner-Photoshop In Production Premium CS4



        I have upgraded to CS4, a little while ago, after having used an earlier version just fine, for so long, but finally caving to upgrade my OS to be compatible with my current phone.  In doing so, I had to upgrade other software I regularly used, due to Power PC apps no longer being supported.  I used to always scan things straight into Photoshop, but it seems to no longer recognize my scanner.  I looked into this and got VueScan to get around it, but the images I get from that are more dull and faded than the old PS results.  I was hoping to see if I could find a way to use the scanner with Photoshop CS4, still, and it seemed like the TWAIN plugin might have allowed it.


      When I searched for it, I found advice on Adobe's site about going to the installation disc and a subfolder within something called Goodies, to get the plugin, which doesn't initially install on its own.  I got PS from the Production Premium bundle, which has 3 separate discs, and I tried searching all 3 for the folder or file, but to no avail.  Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  Also, the scanner is a CanoScan Lide 30, for what that is worth.  Thanks, in advance!