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    BlazeDS Flex Session Issue

      Hi All,
      I face an issue in using flex.messaging.FlexSessionfor handling sessions. Your help is deeply appreciated.

      During user login i use the following line of code to store to user name in the session.
      FlexSession userSession= FlexContext.getFlexSession();
      userSession.setAttribute("userid", userid );

      When user logs out i use the following line of code to invalidate / destroy session.

      FlexSession userSession= FlexContext.getFlexSession();

      All the server logic is handled by remoteObject (java).

      Issue : When "user1" logs in for the first time and then logs out the session in the server is not invalidated even if session.invalidate is called.

      This behaviour was verified when i used another user to log in but was able to see the previous username reflected in the welcome page when i user session.getAttribute("userid");

      Why is the session not invalidated in spite of it session.invalidate call is made..

      Please help!!!


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          SujitG Level 2

          Assuming that the session.invalidate() is not working. FlexContext.getFlexSession() should be returning the session object for the new user and not the object of the old user who logged off, more over when another user logs in, shouldn't the userSession.setAttribute("userid", userid) be overwriting the value with new userId ??

          Can you please check out if something else is going wrong.

          Hope this helps.
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            vengatc Level 1
            Hi SujitG,
            Thanks for your response. The issue is resolved and the mistake was mine. I used flex from the view point of traditional web programing. On loading a flash page i used the onCreate event to call the Remote object behind to retrieve the user name. So when i sign out and sign in as different user , since the call was made on the Page onCreate event the RO call is not made again to retrieve the new user name. So i called the RO once the user signed in and i could see the signed in user name reflected in the flash screens.

            Thanks for your response again.


            So FlexSession in deed works fine and i