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    Flex 3 Compiler not compiling the lastest changes?

    Wolli World Level 1

      Has anyone else experienced this problem? I put in alerts just to make sure it wasn't my imagination, but when I make changes to one of my components and try to recompile, it just ignores the changes. Is there anyway to "refresh" the components or the project and make sure it compiles everything from scratch? It's like it's compiling from a cache or something. It's crazy and very frustrating! Right now I have it set to build automatically.

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          I had exactly that problem.

          I was compiling into a Rails public directory which enabled the running of the flex UI. The reason it was not updating and I had deleted the bin-debug area and went througha whole plithera of other areas was due to Subversion. It was always using the compiled version from subversion. Althoug it did actually compile the latest code it never ran.

          I don't know if this is the same sort of thing your doing, I basically removed all the .svn directories and it worked great.

          Also when I bought flexbuilder and implemented the license from the trial I had to remove it from my mac and re install that was a little weird. but as I have just updated laptop I didn't have this issue this time.

          Hope this helps. Let me know
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            I had this same problem.  I figured out that my browser was caching the SWF file and preventing a new one from being loaded.  You can set your browser to check for a new version every time the page is loaded to prevent this issue, or you can modify your html template to add a random variable to the SWF file SRC in the javaScript.