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    Editing the properties of eraser tool bound to the eraser of Wacom pen

    NathanS106 Level 1

      I know this has probably been answered before and I am really sorry to have to ask this, but due to the name of the feature I am having issues searching for a solution. Any results I have found refer only to the eraser brush in animate.


      I am using a Wacom Cintiq tablet, and the pen that I use has two ends: the pen tip and the eraser tip. Currently, the pen tip will use whatever tool I have selected while the eraser tip is bound to an eraser tool; however, this eraser tool used by the eraser tip is different from the actual "eraser tool" (which I can select with the pen tip) in animate. The default size of the eraser tool that is bound to the eraser tip is way too small for me to use, but when I try to edit the properties of the eraser (the tool), it does not affect the size of the eraser tool attached to the eraser tip of the pen. All I want to do is edit the size of the eraser tool on the eraser tip of the tablet pen. I am wondering if it has its own properties that can be changed or if it is even possible to make it bigger.