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    Trigger won't update



      I set a list of trigger on mouth (E=1, Ah=2, I=3...). But I made a mistake and want to change them (like E=e, Ah=a, I-i).

      Do I changed the letter on the trigger key.


      But when I return to my Scene, the trigger won't update (it stay to 1,2,3...).

      I restart Character Animator without success.


      Something I missed?




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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hmm, that seems strange - it should always update. If you drag the puppet into a new scene does it work? I'm wondering if somehow an old / duplicate version is showing up instead, that's happened to me sometimes if I'm iterating on a puppet and have several versions of him in the project panel.


          If this continues, could you please File > Export > Puppet and share it as a link (Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) so we could take a closer look?

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            danielg28492191 Level 1

            Hi, yes on an other scene it does the same bug. I send you th link on pm

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Thanks for the file. The mouth triggers are working, but they're being hidden by their layer order because "Hide Others in Group" isn't checked. Meaning the Ah mouth on top can conceal the other mouths below.


              So what I would try is:

              1. Remove the key trigger on the neutral mouth (looks like this is the last one).

              2. Select all the other mouth shapes and check "hide others in group."


              Now when you press a letter trigger, it will just show that one and hide all the others in that folder. And when you start out or press a key twice, it will revert to neutral.