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    [advance question] loading a swf in adobe Air, which loads an image with "componentloader"

      Good evening all,
      I think this is a complex issue.
      I have adobe air application which loads a SWF I made.
      Inside this SWF I have used the "component LOADER" to load something with "ContentPath=image.jpg" for example.

      But the swf loaded in the Adobe air works, but does not load the "ContentPath image"...
      (it does load and display it when it this swf is run outside adobe Air)
      I need it to be dynamic like this, so if eventually I Include it in the package it won't help much...

      I just intend to replace an image background from this loaded swf file!


      At this time of the editing, I fear and realize something....I have been using Actionscript2 for the .SWF file, could it be why it does not works???
      If its problematic, is there a simple way like telling it to read actionscript2, rather than transforming everything??

      I found this on the official AIR FAQ:
      Will Flash version 8 and below SWF files run in Adobe AIR?

      Yes. However, the Adobe AIR APIs are only exposed to Flash content via ActionScript 3 / AVM2, and thus Flash 8 / AVM1 SWFs will be able to run, but they will not have direct access to the Adobe AIR APIs.
      source faq Adobe
      it seems it should works!!??

      nope I confirm at least some code made in Actionscript2 works.
      I am sure this code needed to be changed for working in actionscript3, so "actionscript2" code works in Adobe Air.

      The problem of not loading my image must come from something else!!??