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    building/editing topology diagrams in a web app - can Flex do this?


      I'd like to build a web application that is capable of displaying & editing topology diagram (e.g. a network diagram with applications too). Effectively to have a graphically web based means of allowing a user to add nodes & relationships to represent a topology such as the following http://performancepointinsider.com/files/planning/planningtopology.png. So the model basically consists of nodes and relationships. The web application will be based on Ruby on Rails, JSP or .NET (not sure yet).

      Q1. Is Flex able to be used to build a means of graphically building a topology diagram? Is yes, which aspect of Flex should I look at to research this?

      Q2. If I embed Flex within my Ruby on Rails web application, can I have some integration between Flex and Ruby on Rails. For example when I create a new node on the Flex topology diagram can I get it so send an AJAX request back to my Ruby on Rails server to let my backend know this has occurred?

      Q3 - Is there any open source Flex application that already exists I could look at that does topology diagrams?

      Q4 - Any other advice re my challenge?