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    Photoshop and iOS

    DaveJCummings Adobe Community Professional

      Let me just say first, I love Adobe Sketch,  its a great little program to sketch in, though I wish I could work in larger page sizes.  However,  I (and I can imagine a lot of other people as well) would love to see some version of a complete Photoshop see its was onto the iOS.  I know there's limitations due to the software,  but at the same time, seeing apps that are doing what Photoshop does and are very close to being a clone of Photoshop (i.e. Affinity Photo and Paintstorm) it makes me wonder why haven't you guys attempted to bring Photoshop to it, instead of apps with smaller features.  Its something I know people would want.

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          melissapiccone Adobe Community Professional

          Have you used Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix? They do common PS tasks.

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            Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional

            I think the answer is cost. Affinity Photo was started about 8 years ago and has been written from the ground up in modern language , I would assume C++ but don't really know. Photoshop is 28 years old and was written at the start in Pascal, I think. It's now mostly C++ but there is a lot of legacy code still there in the older tools, like the magic wand and quick mask. Porting a C++ application to iOS is not easy even when it doesn't contain legacy code, but Photoshop would be a nightmare. If there was sufficient demand from the iPad community then maybe Adobe would be tempted to port the entire application to iOS, but the user base is tiny compared to the number of Macs and Windows machines in the world. If they won't do Linux which has a bigger number of users than iPad , I suspect it will not happen. Apple have for ages been talking about making OSX available on their iPad and with the introduction of the Pro range it has at last the hardware to run it and that may be the best hope for Photoshop on a tablet.


            If you have a Mac there is an app called Astropad which allows Photoshop to be used on an iPad-note I didn't say run natively as it uses a form of remote desktopping via a Wi-Fi connection to the Mac. It is very usable though and most people wouldn't know the program was not running locally.

            Astropad | Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet

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              DaveJCummings Adobe Community Professional

              Seeing how Celsys has brought out Clip Studio Paint for the iOS that is not only a direct port of the desktop app,  but in some aspects, it runs better than the Desktop top version, there really is no reason why Adobe couldn't bring Full Photoshop to the iOS.  Their competitors in the graphics app business are making Adobe look bad by bringing apps that have so many features that people use Photoshop for,  while Adobe just releases apps for the iOS that only use a small part of what Photoshop could do,  but also drastically limit the file sizes & resolutions,  keeping it from being something that's usable for professional work.


              Honestly, I think its just a matter of time before Adobe brings Photoshop to the iOS