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    Page title not showing up in browser title bar


      Hi Everyone


      I'm having trouble with the homepage title in the browser window.  The page name is still defaulting to the template name rather than what I've input.  I went into "page properties" and deselected the "same as page name" box, and then typed the the title name into the "page title" area.  When I "preview page in browser" the browser title bar shows the proper "title", but when I publish the site it still shows the default name from the MuseThemes.com template I used.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how I can fix the glitch?  I've created a handful of websites in Muse and have not had this problem with the other sites.  In my 2nd attached image you can see that the browser tab shows "MuseThemes/WireFrame..." rather than what I typed into the Page Title box.  Thanks.


      Adobe Muse Title Issue.JPG


      Adobe Muse Title Issue 2.JPG