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    Vimeo Widget in Muse set to auto play causes video to be black while audio plays

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      Above is an individual video page with the issue, but all pages that show when you select a property from the Virtual Tours page above have the same playback issue described below.


      We have a Muse website using embedded Vimeo videos (added in using the default Vimeo widget). While using Chrome (80% of the time) the embedded Vimeo videos will auto start as programmed, but they will only show a black screen while the audio plays fine. If I click the pause and play button, the video then shows properly. Why is this doing that in our site? Safari seems to work properly, but Firefox shows similar issues about 50% of the time.


      Any ideas? The widget and Muse are the latest version from Adobe. One more strange thing to note... when the issue occurs on load of the page, the audio will start playing without video, but the play button in the tool bar is still showing a play icon as if the video button has not been clicked or autostart has not begun. If I click the play button, the video starts back from the beginning properly with video and audio matched.


      I have contacted Vimeo about this too, but I already know they are going to say it's a Widget issue since using the standard embed code works fine.  The main issue with the embed code is that it is not properly responsive and thus not usable in this site.