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    Files won't open, then disappear in PS


      I have PS CC 2017.


      So the past couple of days I was working on a project. And I had two different PSD files that I saved regularly. Each of these files, at some point, gave me a "you don't have permissions to save this file" -- which seems odd, as this is my computer. No problem, though, as I just saved a second file of them.


      Today when I came back today, they opened without issue. I edited the one and saved it and then did a few more edits and saved it ... and PS froze up, so I had to close it via the task manager. When I came back -- the file was gone. Then I went to the other one and when I clicked on it, it disappeared saying the file could not be found. This was on my Google Drive and I did a search and neither are there.


      I went to open the two other ones and -- same thing -- said file could not be found and disappeared and are now fully gone.


      I have no idea what would make this happen and I'm obviously not pleased. Any ideas? Any thoughts on what I could do to hopefully recover these so I don't have recreate them both from scratch?


      Thank you.