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      1) I have converted my MS Word (2003) file to PDF using RoboPDF.
      All pics and some formatting are out of places.
      I have conveted the same file using http://www.pdfonline.com/ and it's all perfect.

      2) I want to apend PDF file to another PDF file and PDF is not in the list of files I can open with RoboPDF!

      What is this tool??

      Note: when starting RoboPDF, I got crappy error message:
      "Cannot find 'C:\....\1-step RoboPDF\Empty.pdf\Empty.htm' "(sic!)
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Creating PDFs and appending one PDF to another are different operations and RoboPDF was only designed to create PDFs so it is doing its job. Step995 is one tool that will do what you want.

          See Snippet 33 on my site to deal with the error message.

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            yuri_ser Level 1
            Thank you, Peter.
            However, I tend to disagree as RoboPDF help suggested that appending PDF to PDF is its feature.
            On top of that RoboPDF is not handing pictures in Word doc well.

            Your suggestion to create 'C:\....\1-step RoboPDF\Empty.pdf\Empty.htm' will fail as 'C:\....\1-step RoboPDF\Empty.pdf exists (created by installation) and you cannot have file & folder name the same. (I can delete or rename Empty.pdf file and see what happens though).

            Anyway, I am under imression that RoboPDF is not very good to say the least...

            PS. I liked your site very much, thanks for reference.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              You say it will fail and then go on to say you will try it. Personally I would have tried it first.

              The solution has worked for everyone else.

              I'll take a look at the help.