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    Adobe DC Creative Cloud Crashes

    chrisa51509270 Level 1

      Hi folks

      I have a user running Windows 7 Pro (fully patched) and I just updated her to Acrobat DC (CC edition) hoping to fix her chronic issues with Acrobat crashing.


      The upgrade has actually made things worse. I uninstalled the older Acrobat DC (2015) totally then installed the new software.


      The issue now is that when she scans in a new document, she gets a memory error and acrobat shuts down.

      The other issue is that when she opens a PDF and tries to print it, the system just sits there unresponsive. It does not show a job spooling nor does it throw up an error. Nothing happens. This happens more often then not when opening PDF files and trying to print. I am at a loss at this point, I have even excluded Acrobat folders from our VIPRE virus scanners since I have seen some threads related to this being an issue.


      I have two other users with the same software and no issues.