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    Making a flash mp3 player, but I have a couple a problems

      So this is a streaming flash music player, with an xml based playlist playing mp3s anywhere off the web. Everything works fine, but I am trying to fine tune this thing to make it work even better before I add more features and make it easy to be skinable. The scrubber even works to fast forward through the song.

      The main issue I am facing (i believe) is that while loading the file, the full duration of the file is unknown so my progress bar is going crazy thing it may be done with the song, when in fact it just hasn't loaded yet. I am thinking I could possible use some ID3 tag information to find the length of the song? If that were the case how could i go about doing that.

      EDIT: I had an issue with onSoundComplete, but I fixed it. I think it was a combo of using the wrong name for the variable and using attachSound hahaha.....