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    Printing With Acrobat DC Using Adobe PDF

    bigbillt Level 1

      When I try to print from an application I have two Adobe PDF Printers, Adobe PDF and Adobe PDF (Copy 1).  Neither of these printers appear in the Printers and devices.  I deleted them in an attempt to correct the printing issues.


      I tried to delete the drivers and driver package related to Copy 1.  Windows 10 will not allow me to delete the drivers.  Windows 10 says the driver is in use by Adobe PDF (not Copy 1).  There is a document stuck in the print queue for Adobe PDF.  It says there is an error printing the document.


      How do I delete the document in the print queue when the printer isn't listed in the device and printers list?  How do I delete the printers that aren't  listed in the Printers and Devices?  How do I reinstall the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC printers after I correct these problems.


      For some reason, when I print using Adobe PDF the document goes to the printer and stays in the print queue even though the document was printed correctly.  The documents in the print queue remain there until I manually clear the queue by cancelling the print jobs.  Until I clear the print queue, the Adobe PDF printer reports an error.


      This is very annoying, to say the least.


      Thank you in advance for your help.