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    PNG files


      I find a document (photo, form, etc.) and try to copy it.  It is a png format.  I try to copy and then paste to Photoshop and only get a black box and no document.  I would like to copy the png item and convert it to a jpeg for my project.  Can this be done?I have been using photoshop for many years, but only recently gotten into the png format. 

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use File>Place Embedded


          This will import your image or you can just use File>Open is it is the only image you are working on. File>Place Embedded requires a document to already be open.


          Then you can use File>Save As to save the file in any format that Photoshop supports.


          If the image is black on the screen it is possible your video card driver needs updating. Also verify the file opens correctly in another program. Just to make sure the file it self is not corrupted.