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    Pin Tool & Stample tool won't work for me

    SaarCohan Level 1

      Hey everyone!


      I have a problem, it's my first time with Adobe Ch and i actually did pretty good with the head animation (everything works for me: pupil, blink, mouth ...)

      But i just updated the Ai file with the body of the character but the body fly with all the body and the pin tool doesn't work when i try to pin the foot (look at the screenshot please:

      צילום מסך 2017.08.15 ב.21.48.44.png


      Although i pinned the foots, nothing really happening.

      i also attached the layers from Ai file screenshot:

      צילום מסך 2017.08.15 ב.22.07.14.png


      I would appreciate your help!

      Thank you