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    adding a function to all fields in a document (blur and focus)




      I've got a simple function that I have added to the 'DocumentJavascripts' in Acrobat in order to change the style of a field.  I know that for a single field, I can use the 'blur' and 'focus' triggers to run it.


      But seeing as I need to apply this function to most of the fields in the PDF, is there an easier way of doing this?   Is there a document wide event listener that would work? 


      I don't think this is important, but just in case the function I'm using is:


      function Blurfield()



          if (V.value.length==0)


              V.borderStyle = border.s;

              V.fillColor = color.transparent;

              V.strokeColor = color.transparent;




      Many Thanks,