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    Can this be done?


      Okay I will apologize before hand because this might be a little long and maybe a bit confusing.


      I am a school registrar.  Enrolling and withdrawing students are a daily task for me. Each student has different needs based on their academic history and 90% of the time it is not a simple as gather documents and enter the student into the computer.


      Currently everything I do is hand written and time consuming. I end up hand writing the same info 10 time for 1 student. That isnt bad but when i have 100 kids to do this for its tiresome and time consuming. What I would like to is


      type the needed data about a student into an excel spreed sheet that is then imported into a multi-page pdf document that will match these fields and fill in the blanks for me so I can click print and be ready to head to the fax, rather than writing it in by hand, or typing it in multiple times  and all the other places it has to be written and logged.


      I already have the forms mostly in word a few in excel all of which I could turn into PDF's with very little trouble. The excel spreed sheet could then act as my log and the other documents needed would be auto filled based on one row of data from excel. Taking 10 mins rather than 30, this would also help on what has and has not been done for each student as I could pick and choose which pages i need to print based on the students needs.


      Any help would be appreciated, I have acrobat Pro, Office, Onedrive and a ton of applications I just want the most simple way to make this work. Thank you in advance.

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          This is easily done in Acrobat. You just need to use the right tools and formatting. Here's how you do it:

          Add your form fields to the PDF file. Where you want the same value to appear in multiple places just give the fields the same name and they will automatically have the same value.

          The Excel file needs to have two (or more) rows of data, with the field names (named EXACTLY like they appear in the PDF) in the first row and the values in the second. Now save the file as a tab-delimited text file and close it.

          Then you open your PDF in Acrobat and select Tools - Forms - More Form Options - Import Data. Select the file you created from Excel, and if you have more than two rows select which one to import, and you're done!

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