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    BenQ SW2700PT owners - profile and calibration issues


      I've been tearing my hair out trying to convince BenQ that they have a problem with the profiles generated by Palette Master Element (PME) on the SW2700PT (but it may affect other models).  To me the problem is immediately apparent if you calibrate and profile to a non-native gamut, but BenQ insist all is correct.  Please could other owners take a look at this.


      If you have a more recent monitor (manufactured after about October last year) you should see an option in PME to calibrate and profile to RGB primaries other than the native gamut.  Try calibrating to sRGB primaries, then use the calibration with the sRGB profile created by PME.  On my system the images rendered by colour managed applications appear very de-saturated.  The reason is, the profile has been created for the native gamut, not the sRGB gamut.  In fact, I think PME always creates a profile for the native gamut, regardless of the calibrated gamut.


      The calibrated gamuts appear to be correct (ish).  It's the profiles that are wrong.


      I said the calibrated gamuts appears to be correct (ish).  I doubt the sRGB calibration uses the correct sRGB gamma curve, but it's pointless taking that up with BenQ when they can't understand their profiles are wrong.


      I also have a problem with PME if I attempt to calibrate to Relative Blackpoint.  At the end of calibration it fails with a white background programmed into the LUTs.


      I'd appreciated if SW2700PT owners could spare the time to check if they have the same problem with the sRGB profiles and calibration to Relative Blackpoint.  Perhaps BenQ would start to take note if a few more of us reported the issues.  There again!

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          I have the same issue. When using PME to calibrate my SW2700's to sRGB, Lightroom/Photoshop colors are very desaturated, but unmanaged apps look right. When I calibrate to display native, LR/PS colors look correct, but unmanaged apps then appear very saturated

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            Firstly I am a complete novice when it comes to colour calibration - so I can't talk intelligently about this. 


            But my conclusion is that PME doesn't work.


            I have a Benq SW320 which out of the box was super revved up.  I used the "supplied" Palette Master Element (PME) with a i1 display Pro sensor.   To view the outcome, I used Lightroom (both in develop and loupe view)  viewing a staggered grey card - not sure what you call it but it's a jpeg with grey bands on it, each band 5% more/less than the previous band, so 21 bands in all, going from black 0% to white 100%).  The result was a significant (and I mean significant) magenta/pink cast on the brighter greys (from 60% onwards) and furthermore the 95% and 100% bands pretty well indistinguishable.  Many attempts and always the same result.  A disaster.


            Then I used i1Profiler software  v1.7.1 (with the i1 display Pro) and got a much better result.


            Now I did notice, that with the i1 Profiler software , it did something inside my CPU enclosure - there was a distinct click sound (like a relay switching) coming out of the box when I saved the profile - I am guessing it did something (load and reset??) to the video card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB).


            So my conclusion - I am in wild agreement with you Palette Master Element (PME) seriously doesn't work.  Having looked at other forums and people commenting on Benq support, my conclusion was that it was a waste of time talking to the Benq support people about anything technical (in Australia at least).

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              Rommen | Bravenboer

              Same problem here! When I calibrate with Pallet Master Pro colors are very desaturated. I'f contacted Benq the Netherlands they asked calibration report and the answer was that the numbers are in spec. I bought the monitor for its hardware calibration / profiling capabilities but its not usable.


              Calibrated the monitor with the i1Profiler software with much better results although the image seems to be a bit warmer than my other monitor a BenQ PD2500Q (not a wide gamut monitor) both on 6500k.


              My settings:


              White point - CIE Illuminant D65

              Luminance - 120 cd/m2

              Contrast ratio - Native


              Default Profile settings


              Chromatic Adaptation - Bradford

              ICC Profile version - Version 4

              Profile Type - Matrix based


              Default Patch Set


              Patch set size - Large


              What settings do you use?