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    Photoshop Keeps Crashing For One File




      I'm having a problem lately in which Photoshop responds to the same file by crashing but not to others. First it took an hour or so before crashing each time so I dealt with it and saved frequently. Then it got to the point that Photoshop would crash after working on the file for a few seconds. I tried saving it to a flat .tif and working on top of that which seemed to help but now the same thing is happening. It crashes after a minute or two. Keep in mind this is not happening with another project I'm working on which is a considerably larger size. Also noteworthy is that I'm using a .tif of artwork I originally created in Illustrator as a layer on multiply mode while working on the file. That is one difference between this project and the one that does not crash. I'll be happy to provide any additional information if it might help solve the problem.