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    Flash mixing linked classes on commonly named attached MC from different swf files

      I load 2 different swf files a.swf and b.swf, using LoadMovie, in two different movie clips of my scene. The two swf files both defines a movieclip exported as "CommonlyNamedMC" but linked with different classes, ClassA in a.swf and ClassB in b.swf. The root of these files can attach these movie clips on demand.

      I load a.swf, then make him attach "CommonlyNamedMC" : the movie defined in a.swf is displayed, and linked with ClassA, everything's fine
      Then I load b.swf and make him attach "CommonlyNamedMC" : the movie defined in b.swf is displayed, and linked with ClassB, everything is fine again
      But Then I make the container movieclip that previously loaded a.swf attach "CommonlyNamedMC" : The movie defined in a.swf is display BUT it is linked with ClassB !!

      apparently if an export identifier is defined in different swf files, the class instanciated when attaching one of the clips defined with this identifier will be the one defined in the latest loaded swf !!!

      does anybody know about this behaviour ? Am I missing something and this is not a bug ? is it a known bug that will be resolved in future versions ?

      I am using flash CS3 professional version 9.0

      Thank you in advance