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    LR dehaze under adjustment brush request

    Cupertino, Bangert Level 1

      I opened a discussion on the LR forum concerning what I considered a problem with dehaze (see "dehaze artifacts" in the LR forum).  After some discussion I wanted to make a request for changing how the dehaze effect worked under the adjustment brush.  I was told to make the request in the PS forum.


      Currently the dehaze effect, like the rest of the adjustments possible, works only on the areas that have been masked off.  While the dehaze effect does in fact effect only what is masked it uses information outside the mask to perform the effect.  My request is that the dehaze effect only considers information within the masked area to perform the dehaze effect.


      My reason for this request is to make processing my astro photos easier to do using the dehaze effect.  I have found the dehaze effect to be very useful in processing my astro photos and have found it very hard to recreate what the dehaze does using other tools.  Because of how the dehaze effect works under an adjustment brushI have come up with an alternate procedure.  I first have to take a raw photo into PS, mask off the foreground, flatten, save to a tiff, and then in LR use the dehaze effect.  Using this procedure creates an image that requires the least amount of work to finish.  If the dehaze effect is changed to work as I hope then I could stay in LR without having to do the masking in PS.


      Prior to the discussion I had in the LR forum concerning how the dehaze effect worked I would get a fairly wide, light boundary between the sky and the foreground. 


      Thank you for considering my request.