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    WebHelp Search Always Returning Substrings

    isabelleLY Level 1

      Dear all,


      I'm using RH2015 (


      In my WebHelp outputs, the search feature works as if "Enable Substring Search" was selected, even when it's not.
      Using "" or the AND Search option does not change this behavior.
      So for instance, I cannot get a list of the topics that mention "finite capacity", because no matter what, the search results include also topics that mention "infinite capacity".

      Results are the same with IE11, Chrome, and FF (I'm having issues with WebHelp in Edge, but they're not limited to the search feature, so...).


      Search works fine with Responsive HTML5, but for some legacy projects, the output has to be WebHelp. Also, for corporate policy reasons, using an external search engine is not a possibility.


      I could not find anything recent on the forums, so I guess this is not an issue everyone using RH2015 is having. What am I missing?
      Would greatly appreciate any help or advice from the community...


      PS: I checked also with a new project created from scratch. Same problem.