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    Combining Files Opens Acrobat and Reader

    THRobinson Level 1

      I have CS6 with AcrobatX installed.


      I also use a site at work that needs Reader installed because the webpage displays diagrams, and seems with Reader when the diagram should load on the screen I get a pop-up in IE asking to open/download the files instead.


      I installed ReaderXI because DC seemed to have issues with the site.


      Problem I am having though, is if I highlight a group of JPGs, right click (Windows8) I get the menu, and I click combine into a PDF. It launches AcrobatX and works as it should, but, it also launches a ReaderXI window, blank with no prompts or anything, just the app. When I am done, saved and click close, AcrobatX closes off, and ReaderXI just stays open on the blank window.


      How do I prevent ReaderX from opening when I click to create a PDF from files?