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    Syntax Check Problem?

    CaioToOn! Level 3
      Hi there!

      I have an ActionScript Project and have many AS Classes on my source directory, but have only one Application (Main.as).

      The question is that I can write anything on the AS Classes and the Flex doesn't point any errors. Flex only parse the classes that are used by my Main Application. This is not a good thing, because not all the classes are laoded by the Main Application directly, but I still need a instant syntax checking...

      So, could some one say me if this is a Syntax Check Problem?

      Thank you,
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          anirudhs Level 2

          Indeed, it can be frustrating that your class gets compiled only when it gets used. I'm guessing the compiler behaves that way for performance reasons.

          But I don't understand the bit about classes not being loaded by the main application directly? You mean those classes are compiled into modules / rsls?

          As long as the classes are referenced in some class which is being used by the application, it *should* get compiled. It would be interesting to know the dependency of your actionscript classes.
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            CaioToOn! Level 3

            I'm using the Flex IDE just as Editor. To create the components I need, I'm using Flash IDE to draw the assets and using the Flex IDE to create the classes of it. But these classes aren't parsed.

            I also think that this is because of performance reasons, but does I have any solution to extend this functionality? Or, may I do any workaround to make it works? (like importing automatically all classes to an Application without needing to instantiating it)

            Thank you anyway.