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    Setting pixel RGB values


      I have an layer image composed primarily of pixels with one set of primary RGB values, pixels in some areas have RGB's varying slightly from the primary RGB. Pixel transparency values in the image vary considerably, I do not want to change these transparency values.  I cannot find a way in Photoshop CC to adequately (i.e. precisely) set all image pixels to the primary desired RGB.  Both Image>Adjust.>Replace Color and Color Range selection with a layer mask applied plus subsequent Edit>Fill of the selection yield results having varied pixel RGB's and altered transparencies. The Color Replacement tool is even poorer. The only method that seems to work with some degree of adequacy uses Image>Adjust.>Hue/Saturation with Colorize checked, Hue and Saturation values typed in and then Lightness slider shifted to get a match somewhat close to a sample desired RGB comparison image, Hue & Sat might need slight adjustment also. This is barely adequate for my purposes, but you would think Adobe must have a method to exactly set these target RGB's. This is simple stuff, it should really be quite easy to make this RGB change, what gives???????  Anybody have any ideas???


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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you locking transparency on the layer? This will keep the correct transparency levels, but allow you to fill the layer or selection with the color you want.


          Edit: Also you mention primary RGB. Are you talking pure red, yellow, green, magenta, cyan, and blue? if so, have you tried putting an adjustment layer like curves above the layer then set the blend mode to hard mix?


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            master mo Adobe Community Professional

            You might want to try a Color Overlay from the fx option on the Layers Panel.


            Nice thing is it's not destructive either.



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              richardp87639143 Level 1

              Thanks for the tip. Seems to work well, I get closer RGB's without the hassle of messing with the Hue/Sat sliders to get an acceptable comparison. Only downside seems to be a little increase in opacity of pixels that were moderately transparent, no biggy though, very tolerable for what I'm trying to do. Also, I can merge the color overlay to make one layer when I'm done, works good. Thanks again!

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                richardp87639143 Level 1

                Locking layer transparency seems to make no difference, changes in transparency with Color Overlay are the same with or without transparency locked.  When locked, the lock icon shows on the layer before and after Color Overlay but seems to make no difference, plus the lock icon disappears when the layer and color overlay are merged. Thanks for the attempt anyway and if you have any other thoughts or think I'm missing something, please let me know. Thanks again for the info.