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    Can't open library book (Overdrive) on Kobo.

    caje26969160 Level 1

      Kobo says it's not authorized, but it is!

      I opened the book with ADE 4.5 on the computer. I can see and read it on the computer.

      When I copy it to the e-reader it doesn't work!

      Computer and e-reader have the same authorization - I checked it several times.


      I already tried:

      - Shut the e-reader on and off.

      - Shut the computer on and off.

      - delete the books from the e-reader and copy them on the e-reader again.

      - de-authorize the e-reader and re-authorize it.

      - de-authorize the computer and re-authorize it.

      - delete the books from ADE and download them again.

      - various combinations from above!


      What's going on with ADE!?

      It worked before and I didn't change anything.