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    Merging Error

    Daniel DFF

      I set up a Muse site for in browser editing for the first time with a client and they made changes, and then when I tried to sync I got this error:


      “The web version of this site can't be opened in Muse because the HTML has been edited outside of Muse”


      Before this message, it told me that there were changes and if I would like to review them. In the list of changes there is only this error message, but no other information. When I click "Merge All" it appears a dialog box with a the statement: "merging 0 of 0 changes" and uploads the muse file without the changes.

      Also weird is that i get this error everytime, after i uploaded the muse file with no changes made.


      -The client didn't use any third party editors.

      -but there are third party widgets on the site.

      -I'm using our ftp server to upload


      How can I figure out what is causing the problem? All threads in the forum were not really informative and are ending in nowhere.


      Thank you


      - Daniel



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          Having the same error. Was your muse file created on a different machine to the one you published? In my case, a different team member created the web site, gave the client access to the IBE, then the muse file was placed on our local server. I then took over the site using a different machine and adobe ID. This may be the cause of the problem but there doesn't seem to be any solutions offered by adobe.

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Can you try deleting widgets one by one, as also any external HTML code to see if any of those could be causing the issue?