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    Adobe Stock License

    fdarosa Level 1

      I have a client that wants to buy stock photos for his website.  He only needs 3 photos, so he wants to buy a monthly subscription, but only for the 3 photos.  Once he has purchased the photos he wants to end his subscription, but is afraid the license for the photos will expire... Does he own the photos once he purchases them, or in order to use the photos forever does he need to keep the subscription?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Gabrielle Madsen

          Personally, I would be very very careful before subscribing as there is a grey area and it is not obvious you are subscribing for a year.  I had presumed I could subscribe for a month or so, gather up a few credits and then unsubscribe.  This is most definitely not the case and I do not believe there are month to month offers. I believe you would have to subscribe with the intention of a trial first - and ensuring to cancel before the timeline.  But yes, check directly with Adobe first.

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            Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If that is all they need they are better off just licensing them individually without a plan.


            You could do it the plan method as long as you cancel within 30 days or you are tied in for the year. This isn't a smooth transaction and not worth the hassle to save a couple bucks. Just license the three images individually without the plan.


            Once they have a license it is theirs to keep using as long as they want even without a subscription. However, the licensing terms still apply.

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              fdarosa Level 1

              Thanks for the response guys.  I went ahead and called Adobe directly, and they said that a standard license is adequate.  Once you download the files, it is acceptable to use the photos on a website (according to their rules and regulations), and cancel the subscription, and continue to use the photos as originally intended.



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                Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                Just to clarify, we do offer month-to-month plans that can be cancelled at any time - see Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock