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    drag and drop map

    facuquira Level 1
      Hello. Im doing a project with a map from a city, and i need to drag and drop the map and i need to have buttons to rollvoer and see other info.
      I can only get the movieclip to drag and drop. if i put a button there, it doesnt work.
      Can someone explain how to have both things working together?
      movieclio dragged and dropped with buttons on to rollover.


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you have a parent movieclip (the map) with child movieclips (map hotspots) you can define rollovers for your hotspots and onpress (to start dragging the parent) for your hotspots. if the hotspots don't blanket the map, place a large non-hotspot child movieclip below all your hotspots and define an onpress to drag the parent and disable its usehandcursor property if that meets your needs.