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    Character Animator Lip Sync


      I've been setting up my character in Photoshop with the main animation in mind to be just mouth movements (lip sync). Watching Okay Samurai's

      "Making Your First Character (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)" and "Building Your Own Animated Face (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)" on YouTube; I'm under the impression that all you need to do in order for lip sync to work is create the different mouth types, name them accordingly and drop them into a group folder called "Mouth". However when I click save, the images are indeed there in CH's Puppet window, but when I'm in the Scene window they're either all there layered up on top of each other or not at all depending on the Visibility Check Eye Icon thing. There's no change when I talk into my mic, its just a still image.


      Am I missing something?



      Sam (: