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    Problems with Select & Mask - How would you remove the background from this image?


      I've just recently upgraded from PSE to CC and am trying to figure out the best way to remove backgrounds. I photograph a lot of fuzzy objects like yarn and would love a quick and reliable way to put them on a white background without losing the details of individual fibers at the edges of the selection. I've watched lots of tutorials and attempted a couple different approaches to making an accurate selection. For the photo below, I tried using the Select & Mask tool but even after refining the edge you'll see there is a greenish hue to the edges of the cutout where the background color seems to bleed through. I've also lost some of the tiny details around the edges. Any idea what I might be doing wrong, or how to improve? Your help is much appreciated :-)


      papaya select & mask 1.jpgpapaya select & mask 2.jpg