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    How to add an Image Link on top of a Background image


      Guys, trying to add an image link on top of a background image. When the image link that is on top of the background image is tapped it activates a video embed. See attached for a visual. Ideas are

      greatly appreciated. Untitled.jpg

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          José Jesús Pérez Rivas Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Hi KeithKrugh


          You can add an "onclick" event to the layer that containing the background image. In that event you can open a video player inside your app or a YouTube iframe for example.


          Your code might look like this:



          document.querySelector('#id_div_background').onclick = function(){

               document.querySelector('#id_div_video').classList.remove ('hide');

               document.querySelector('#id_div_video iframe').src="https://.....";




          <div id="id_div_background" class="content"></div>

          <div id="id_div_video" class="content hide"><iframe src=""></iframe></div>







          #id_div_video iframe{


               height: 300px}


               position: absolute;

               top: 0px;

               bottom: 0px;

               width: 100%}


               display: none}


          I hope it helps you