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    download of earlier purchased e-books

    l. miai36332799

      Could you please help me. Sorry if the this issue has been discussed before, unfortunately I haven't managed to find a solution and am looking for more advice. Any chance?

      I have bought a new laptop and the first thing I did when I started it, I installed Adobe Digital Editions in order to download the e-books that I had downloaded before only once, knowing that I could do it up to three times. The last three of the total of the eight e-books were actually bought by me only the day before, and I downloaded them to my old computer, expecting to be able to download them again to the new one as soon as I would start it.

      Unfortunately, it turned out that I was unable to download any of my eight e-books, and having contacted the customer support of the e-book provider (Bokus in Sweden), I found out that it was due to the ADE version at the old computer being for some reason not authorised with Adobe ID, although I had had my Adobe ID since earlier and hadn't expected that all my purchases would not be linked to it.

      The guy at the Bokus customer support told me that there was no way to authorise the old computer with the same Adobe ID that I have now used for the new one and have had since ages before, and told me it would cost them too much money to get my licenses deactivated from the "anonymous" ID and linked to the actual ID.

      I can't really believe that it's impossible to manage. I have the same e-mail address for both the Adobe ID and Bokus log-in. Could you please give me some advice? Thanks in anticipation!


      Kind regards,