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    How do I copy multiple PDFs resulting from a PDF Search Index




      I have a situation that I hope someone can help me with.


      Here's some background info:

      My department keeps old projects on a shared network drive for archival purposes.  Each Project has a folder that contains multiple PDFs spread out among several sub-folders.  We created a PDF Index for each Project for fast and easy search.  Some project folders can contain upwards to 10,000 PDFs.


      Here's my situation:

      Another department has asked my unit to search an old project.  My unit was provided several search terms to query with.  I open the PDF Index (i.e. Search_Project_A.pdx) and find the documents which contains the terms.  Up to this point everything is good.  The problem is that the other department does not have access to our network drive. As such they have asked for copies of all the PDFs that contain their search terms.


      Here's my problem and question:

      For some queries, a search term results in several hundred PDFs.  For example, one search resulted in 500 PDFs.  I can export the results to PDF or a CSV file, but this is not what the other department wants.  They want a copy of the actual PDFs that were found via search.  I can manually open each PDF and save it to a folder on my desktop, but with 500 PDFs this will take a long time.  Plus I have more than one search term.  Is there a way where I can save all 500 PDFs into a folder onto my desktop.  From this folder, I can copy the PDFs to a USB drive or burn them to a CD. 


      I thought about using the action wizard, but it appears to be no actions for results of a search.  Secondly, I am not familiar with javascript.